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This was my first time making the dessert Bublanina. According to Google Translate, Bublanina means “souffle”. So, the Bublanina should have a puffed up and fluffy appearance. I used a recipe by “Tinks” from The preparation time was only 20 minutes and bake time 35-40 minutes. Here are the ingredients that I used: Splenda Sugar […]

Verdigre, Nebraska-Czech it out!

I know this is not exactly about Texas Czechs, but I thought maybe this town might interest some of you. While traveling to Crofton, Nebraska for the holidays, we ran across a Czech town named Verdigre. The town had a sign welcoming us (Vitame Vas). Verdigre is a small town with a population just under 600 […]

A Day of Remembrance

Today is November 2nd a day of remembrance.  Whether you are observing the Day of the Dead or All Souls’ Day, you are remembering the departed.  Family and friends travel to cemeteries to where their loved ones rest.  Graves are adorned with burning candles and flowers.  In some cultures, even offerings are left for the […]

What can a death certificate tell you?

When doing genealogy research, I find that the death certificate provides a wealth of information.  I will actually look for this document first when starting on a person’s history.  If it is filled out completely, it can provide many leads. There are 5 pieces of information that a death certificate can provide: Last address.  For […]